Brainstorming Environmental Science Dissertation Ideas

Environmental science is the study that helps us understand the natural world and the impact of human activity on it. It is connected with many other sciences like ecology, biology, zoology, chemistry, etc. The area of study is so big that it is hard to choose something particular. The following list of ideas will be very useful if you are trying to come up with a great topic for your dissertation project.

  1. 1. Natural causes of acid rains.
  2. Acid rain is a dangerous phenomenon, since it can damage flora and fauna, poison drinking water, ruin buildings, etc. Although power plants and automobiles are considered to be the major pollutants there are several natural sources of nitric acids. You may focus on these sources of pollution.

  3. 2. Climate change: who is to blame?
  4. This aspect has been studied for many years. Some scientists think that climate change is the result of cyclical environmental changes that the Earth is used to experience from time to time. However, the number of people who believe that it is completely the humankind’s fault is constantly increasing. Try to find out the truth.

  5. After trees have been cut down, the lands are often used for agriculture. Consequently, you may suppose that deforestation is closely connected with another global problem – overpopulation. Moreover, it results in many different environmental problems like climate change, forest fires, soil erosion, and so on. Alternatively, you may choose to research the causes for deforestation and the ways to cope with the problem.

  6. 4. Ecological psychology.
  7. This discipline studies interaction between human behavior and environment – for example, the impact of the climate on humans’ temperament. You may devote your dissertation to effects of urbanization on people’s behavior.

  8. 5. Natural disasters.
  9. There are many types of them like geological, hydrological, meteorological, and others. What are the ways to predict tsunami or earthquake? Can you offer effective preventive measures against avalanches?

  10. 6. Oceanography.
  11. By choosing this area of study you can concentrate on investigating the ocean floor, oceanic flora and fauna or the physical and chemical properties of its water.

  12. 7. Ozone layer.
  13. Choose a topic that is correlated with the strategies and measures that had been already implemented to protect the ozone layer. What should we expect in the future?

  14. 8. Radioactive fallout.
  15. What is the cost of atomic weapon invention? What is the impact of the Chernobyl catastrophe on the world? Can fallout cause genetic diseases?

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