20 Strong Dissertation Ideas On Journalism Never Explored Before

If you are writing a dissertation about journalism, you need to be very careful. The subject is among the most popular ones, so, many topics have already been explored. If you want your work to stand out, make sure that your topic is novel enough.

Where to Find Good Dissertation Topics

Good dissertation topics are easily found on the Internet. Numerous online databases and virtual libraries can provide you with interesting ideas. Besides that, there are many websites related to academic writing. Exploring them, you can find catchy and interesting ideas like the ones below:

  1. Female journalists. How they are treated at work and which limitations they face in comparison to male journalists.
  2. The danger of a journalist’s job and the forever readiness to die for the job.
  3. The control journalists have over the audience and the often bad reputation journalists have among common people.
  4. The haunting for Pulitzer. The owners of the reward in previous years.
  5. The place of lies in a journalist’s job, the morality of lying for the sake of a brilliant story.
  6. The problem of unbiased publications: Is it possible to exist without bending to the left or to the right?
  7. The future of the printed mass media in front of the growing popularity of the Internet and the publications that have survived in the struggle for existence.
  8. The effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and the importance of advertising for the existence of the printed media.
  9. The attitude towards journalism in different countries of the globe.
  10. Is it possible that soon all the journalism will come to paparazzi, collecting rumors, and composing tabloids?
  11. The role mass media and their influence on people play in governmental strategies and politics.
  12. Should journalists invest that much in the investigation of loud political scandals?
  13. The role of mass media in the development of somebody’s success, fame, fortune, and future.
  14. Have mass media still remained a tool that can influence politics and governmental businesses effectively?
  15. A long tough way a beginner journalist has to pass towards success in a big media.
  16. Being a journalist for a printed publication that has been around for many years and being a journalist for an online media: is there any difference?
  17. Can mass media start, force, or end up a revolution in a society?
  18. Does the development of journalism show the development of a society?
  19. The trend-setting force that mass media have.
  20. What’s the connection between mass media and public relations?

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