A List Of Top 12 Excellent Dissertation Topics On Jazz

Deciding on a topic to write your dissertation on is one of the hardest tasks that you will have to do. You will need to make sure that you choose something that interests you and to choose an original study to add to the overall music field in the relation to jazz music. Here are the top 12 topics that you can use to write your paper on.

Choose one of these topics to start off with. When you begin researching one of these topics, you will find a specific study to write about. What things did you learn about can be associated or applied to the various topics? Is there something that you can add to the research information to increase the information?

  1. The Blues: How Jazz helped shape America
  2. African Americans in the late 1800’s: glance into the music
  3. New Orleans in the 1900’s: A melting pot of various sounds
  4. The original: Louis Armstrong’s influence
  5. The Freedom of Expression: Improvisation
  6. Sound in Motion: Swing playing with the saxophone
  7. The Summit of Sound: Bebop was born
  8. Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz: Crossing cultures
  9. Gypsy Jazz: relation to emotional desires
  10. Cool Jazz: feelings and sensations
  11. Kansas City Jazz: emergence of a new form
  12. Women’s Jazz Festival: a woman’s place in the jazz world

You can choose anyone of these topics to start your search for a dissertation topic. You will need to find something about each one of these topics that really stands out. Conduct a study on a specific one of these topics in relation to the various concepts that you learned in your studies. Apply these concepts to the events or topics listed above to conduct a solid research that will add to the overall knowledge in the field of music.

Make sure that when you have chosen your topic that you can find enough information on it to create a complete study. You will need to conduct extensive research on your topic to be able to write your dissertation. It will need to be rather lengthy. It can be between thirty and forty pages in length and you will need to conduct a study. It is a lengthy assignment and you will need to get your topic approved before moving on to the writing step of the process.

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