Dissertation Topics On Taxation-10 Problems You Can Investigate

If you are a business, government, or finance student, you will have to study and write about taxation at some point. Beyond these classes, if you take American History, you will also look at the different taxes through the country’s history. You will need a clear understanding of it and you will be assigned compositions on the subject.

Your dissertation, which is written when you seek your PhD, could be on this topic and the problems concerning the topic. If this is the route you wish to go down, use our 10 Dissertation topics concerning problems list to help you.

10 Problems You Can Investigate

  1. The Depression and Taxes: How FDR and His Administration Managed the Situation. And if the US had a similar Depression Today, could the President do what FDR did?
  2. The Stamp and Tea Tax and how this Situation Occurred and was solved. Taxes and the US and Britain Relationship.
  3. The Middle Class and how their Taxes are Detrimental to Economic Improvement
  4. Why Teachers and Educators are Over Taxed and how They Should not be Taxed at All. Should a teacher who makes minimal salary at best and who impacts the world have a different rate of tax?
  5. Fighting a Tax Lien and when to do it and when not to do it. What are he odds of ligation success and are those odds in your favor?
  6. The Small Business and how the Various Taxes and Obligations Discourage Company Success and Profit
  7. The Entertainment Business and Tax Fraud’s Ugly Reach: Who has tried to not pay taxes and how this maneuver has resulted in bad consequences
  8. Corporation who Pay Minimal Taxes and the Crafty Accounts who help them to Circumvent the System. How the rich keep getting richer.
  9. Presidents who have had Tax Issues and why? Can you trust a leader who can’t pay his or her taxes? And why the candidates should release their returns.
  10. Antiquated tax rules on the books. What the rules are, why they are there, and how we can successfully go about having them removed. And why we should care about these out-of-date regulations.

As you write your dissertation and seek your PhD, use one of these fresh and creative topics. You can show great knowledge of the subject as well as an awareness of current trends.

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