Composing Dissertation Titles In Finance: Tried And Tested Strategies

Dissertation titles in Finance can focus on a number of issues, from banking to accounting and investment. Students can use below strategies to find issues that are hot in the finance world, and which form good topics. Here are a number of tried and tested strategies:

  • Quick online researches: A quick online research can help you find a sample topic. Although it is not acceptable to lift a topic as it is, many topics can give a clue about issues that are to be debated.

  • Use of online writing samples in Finance: Downloading a few sample dissertations in Finance from institutions and/or writing firms can help you identify an area that needs research attention. Usually, previous dissertations contain “recommendations” sections where the writer gives issues that will need research attention in future. By reading through many samples, one can list a number of possible research topic on current matters and finally select the most suitable. Remember, all topics should target an issue and should be clear to readers in regard to the matters that are to be discussed. Topics from trained writers and institutional blogs/websites are likely to be more helpful since they are written in adherence to academic specifications/guidelines. Considering them will minimize the chances of making mistakes when writing your own dissertation topic.

  • Watch out for debates: Whether the discussion is among stakeholders such as banks and insurers, identifying what main issues that are featured in the public media can give a clue of a research topic. The truth is these debates can offer insights on more current issues of concern among the stakeholders. Students who are interested in finding out current issues in their fields of study usually link to many related media channels such as finance blogs and TV programs/news, and this makes it possible to identify an issue around which to formulate a dissertation title.

  • Ask a professional writer: Finance writers who have been active in the field for long usually track topics with the intention of writing more informed and up to date articles. Whether they are hired by a professional online writing service or operating alone, they can offer a ready topic or specify a matter around which to formulate the topic.

  • Past papers: Whether the papers are written by you or colleagues, they can offer an insight on how long a finance topic should be. It is possible to request your tutor to provide as many past dissertation papers from his/her former students. These are likely to be better because they could contain comments by the lecturer about the mistakes made by students in composing the topic. It means you will have a chance to rectify those mistakes when drafting your own topic.
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