Fundamental Rules For Writing A Dissertation Introduction And Literature Review

Your dissertation introduction is basically a synopsis of your dissertation that the “powers to be” will read and decide if the rest of the dissertation is worth reading. This sounds kind of important and, actually, it is. Take some time preparing this introduction so it will do justice to your dissertation that you worked so hard at. Here are some fundamental rules for writing a dissertation introduction and literature review.

  1. Your introductory paragraph should pretty much state what you are going to be writing about. Don’t ramble on and on because you will bore your learned readers. All they want to know here is exactly what you are going to be telling them. Readers want to know what the topic of your dissertation is and what literature you are going to be reviewing. This is not the place to be humorous or coy. Just get to the point and be all business and tell them what you are writing.

  2. Next you should give some kind of background as to why you are writing the dissertation due to the missing information or the gaps in the previous writings on the topic. Give some specific examples of the inadequacies and make sure you show how you are going to fill in those gaps in your work. You should try to make a couple of citations to the literature in this section as well.

  3. The gap of knowledge is what your dissertation is going to address and this is where you should be telling your audience that this is what you will be doing. This is the reason for your entire dissertation. If you actually use the words “gap in knowledge”, the readers will be able to key in on the reason for your work and know exactly what they will be reading.

  4. This paragraph is designed to show what methods you will use to fill in those gaps in previous research and how you will answer the questions you have brought forth.

  5. You need to make sure your audience knows why it is important that you fill in the gap in the research you have identified. Make them understand the contribution and the importance of literature.

  6. Your hypothesis should be presented at this time. Your job is to show the audience how you will fill in the gap and what it will mean to the overall picture of the literature.

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