8 Useful Tips For Writing A Business Dissertation Introduction

A business dissertation consists of several sections. The first section is an introduction. It is a very important part of a paper because it gives the reader a basic understanding of its contents. If an introduction is written poorly, the reader may not even continue reading. If you want the opening section of your dissertation to be decent, read the tips below.

  1. Provide the context.
  2. At the beginning of the introduction, you should present your topic and give its brief description to the reader.

  3. State the research questions.
  4. The next thing you should do is describe the area of your research. Indicate the main questions that you’re going to answer in your study.

  5. Indicate the significance.
  6. You should write about other works made within your research area and indicate how your study will continue them or fill in their gaps.

  7. Describe the methods.
  8. You should give the brief information about the methods that you’re going to use in order to achieve your goals.

  9. Explain your expectations.
  10. List the general outcomes that you’re going to receive from your research. Don’t mention the exact results. There is a separate section for this.

  11. List your limitations.
  12. In the real world, it’s very difficult to conduct perfect research. Indicate what factors limit your actions and what questions you won’t answer within your paper.

  13. List your assumptions.
  14. Your work will be built around particular assumptions related to the conditions of your research. Make sure to indicate them before you give detailed descriptions of your actions.

  15. Provide a road map.
  16. At the end of the introduction, you should give the brief description of your dissertation’s structure.

Composing a dissertation introduction or any other section might be very difficult for some students. However, they may use the assistance of professionals to make their work easier. Here are a few options:

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