Coming Up With An Effective Title For A PhD Dissertation In Management

The title of a paper can largely influence the amount of effort required to successfully complete the research, as well as the author’s ability write an interesting and engaging paper on the given topic. Despite being interested in a topic, it is also quite easy to be misled by what seems like a suitable topic before you begin writing, only to discover that your choice has no room for expansion and exploration. Before choosing a topic, there are several factors that one should consider and I will list the ones I believe are most important in the following points.

  1. Consider real world problems affiliated with managerial practices
  2. The best types of topic for dissertations are ones that deal with real world issues and in the field of management, there are bound to be many. Conduct some investigations, interviews or other forms of research to find out which problems or mysteries plague the managerial world and use this information to formulate a strong thesis to explore.

  3. Choose an excellent topic for investigation that concerns real people
  4. While there may be many problems facing managerial practices, not all of them would be relevant to scociety or the people directly involved. Take some time to consider which problems people are more concerned with and seek to tackle those. You are likely to receive more funding and encouragement if you take this route.

  5. Ensure that your topic is one that can be adequately investigated and analyzed
  6. Before selecting a topic, be sure that you are qualified and capable of understanding the issue. Do not select a course of investigation that will ultimately defeat you.

  7. To make for an interesting topic, you could choose one that sparks controversy
  8. Interesting research is always good as it will keep you interested and motivated. When deciding on your topic, design it in a such a way that it can cause double takes and have people eager to read your paper, after having read your title.

  9. Make sure your conclusion will be a suitable one that suits your preferences.
  10. While you are required to begin your dissertation with your title, it does not mean that you should neglect to consider what your conclusion will be. This has happened to many researchers and it can be disheartening to pursue a course of research that will yield results you do not wish to promote.

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