How To Compose Dissertation Titles About International Relations

Dissertations topics can prove quite a task to come up with especially for someone who is doing so for the first time. International relation has over the years culminated into one of the most interesting fields to partake on. However, what most researchers usually find quite intriguing in this field of study is how to sift from among the many areas of studies, a great reliable title that is sure to yield forth some reliable findings. Despite the fact that there are thousands of guidelines out there on how to go about this; most people still find it quite a challenge especially when it comes to the specificity of what is important and what is not. In this article, we take a nosedive into invaluable tips that will definitely help you craft a great topic for a thesis on international relations.

The need to focus on a specific question or puzzle

International relations is arguable one of the most expansive fields of study yet so fast changing with circumstances such as war, economic challenges, politics and foreign policies. This makes it difficult to come up with a topic that is sure to last its long intended solutions. Therefore to come up with a great title that will stand the test of time and never outlive its usefulness, analysis of current issues and their future predictabilities should jumpstart your title composition process. Be specific on the puzzle or the question which your topic seeks to give answers to so that it can straight away be applied in practical knowledge.

Design your title around theoretical questions

Theoretical questions have over the years proven useful when it comes to formulating titles for thesis or dissertations. Most of the times, everything starts from theory to practical knowledge which usually occasions a research. In the case of international relations, many issues remain a crisis whose solutions have remained rather theoretical than practical. A case in point is the question of security and war that has remained largely unsolved. Basing your title on this, you can then come up with a phenomenal title that is not only researchable by a long lasting solution in itself and sure to capture the attention of scholars.

Reviewing of existing literature

Many things have been studies and sometimes finding a great topic for a dissertation can be difficult. You can run the risk of repeating a study. However, through extensive literature review, consultations and a look at existing thesis papers on international relations, you can be sure to craft a great title.

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