How To Survive Your Dissertation Defense: Guidelines For Students

It is very essential for you to write your paper on your own if you want to do well at the defense. You may pay someone else to write your dissertation and hire a professional writer or agency for this purpose, but it will be not similar to your own efforts and ideas. When someone else writes your paper, you miss important details about the subject and the refuted theories in the past. The official committee members at your university are well experienced and they can judge by looking at your paper whether you wrote it or not. If it is necessary for you to hire an expert, then you should stay in constant touch, ask for regular updates, and add your own suggestions so that the paper follows your style and ideas.

A defense for your thesis means that you need to present your entire paper in front of the official committee members, and higher authorities, they will ask you questions and put their concerns to check your hold of the subject. The key to performing well at your dissertation is to stay confident and have enough understanding of the subject. You may as well want to dress well for the occasion and look good. They say it increases your confidence when you look good.

Tips for surviving a dissertation defense

Here is a list of instructions and tips from experts to help students perform exceedingly well at their defense

  1. You need to have excellent communication skills and practice them with your peers or siblings so that you can have a formal tone of verbal communication. You can stand in front of a mirror and observe as you speak and it will improve your communications
  2. If you used any jargons or less common terminologies in your assignment, then you need to be well aware of them
  3. Before you submit your paper you need to edit and proof read it carefully and make sure it does not have any typos or repetition. Check each slide that you prepare for your presentation and make sure it does not have any unnecessary details or ideas
  4. You should be able to prove your stance and defend your thesis in front of the officials. This might require you to consider reading the opposing views and prepare your logics for refuting these ideas and theories

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