Writing A Dissertation About Kent Hovind: What To Include In Your Paper

Kent Hovind is a conspiracy theorist and a young Earth creationist. He is very well known for promoting young Earth creationism, and in turn putting down ideas that science has to offer on the subject. He even has a $250,000 standing offer to anyone that can prove scientifically how evolution has got us to where we are today. Kent Hovind is certainly an interesting guy, and a dissertation about him shouldn’t be boring at all. But what should be included to give an accurate portrayal of the man?

His Background

When doing a dissertation about anyone it’s always a good idea to give their background story. This can put things into perspective, and help the reader understand why he became the man he is today.

For example, you could mention that he attended the Midwestern Baptist College where he acquired a Religious Studies degree. You could also mention that at the age of 16 he became a “born again Christian”. Little details such as these ones can help the reader get a sense of what kind of life the man led.

Religious Views

Kent Hovind has been in the spotlight many times for his religious beliefs, and for that reason a dissertation on him should focus on that. The religion he promotes is based on the premise that Earth was created in six 24 hour periods sometime between 5,700 and 10,000 years ago. This belief is taken via a literal interpretation from the Bible – Book of Genesis.

Opposition To Science

In addition to spreading his religions viewpoints Kent Hovind also tries to systematically break down the theory of evolution, and other scientific facts as to how we are where we are today. A section on this should be included in a way that ties in with his religious beliefs.

Conspiracy Theories

There are many theories that he voices his opinions ne. One for example, is that in the Oklahoma bombings he accused the government of being behind the plot. His rationale is that the government’s motives were to scare people into believing that there is a terrorist threat.

His Personality

There are many people out there who voice their opinions on religious beliefs and conspiracy theories, but Kent gets more attention than most. Perhaps writing a section on his personality might explain why this is. Afterall, those who put information out there that’s against the grain typically do have a personality that’s interesting to learn more about.

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