Where To Get Free Thesis Help Online: Advice For The First-Timers

If you’re anything like me, then starting something is often the hardest part of any new project. In the case of writing a paper when I was in college, I would sit and stare at an open word document for hours. That clean white page just sitting there empty and staring back at me. It felt as if the page were daring me to start and to fail.

This is not true.

After numerous starts and stops, I found that the most important thing I could do was to engage my topic and find a starting point. Some people receive an assignment and automatically, it seems, have an idea to write about. My mind always drew a blank. So I would sit down at my computer and type keywords into a search engine until I found something that fit the assignment and that interested me.

Along the way,

I found free thesis generators on the web. These are very handy tools. To start, you’ll need your topic, position/main conclusion, main argument for and main argument against your conclusion, and a few supporting ideas or arguments. Plug this information into the generator and see what you get. If nothing else, this format will give you the ability to see how a thesis is generated and you can pick up the skills necessary so you can do it on the spot and in your head in the future.


This practice will give you a place to start from, but you don’t have to start from that place. If you are playing with an idea and every thesis you come up with doesn’t fit your assignment or doesn’t interest you, then start over again or change one or more of the major parts of your idea and see what different directions you can take your thesis and your paper in. Your thesis, even after you have written your paper, is not a fixed feature. It can always be changed.

There are many different thesis generators online. Each one is a little different. I recommend trying as many of the out as you can. Find one that fits you and your project.

Paper topics that interest me and might interest you.

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