List Of 20 Great Dissertation Topics About Town Planning

Writing a great dissertation about town planning begins with selecting a good topic. Your dissertation should be a unique research project that interests you and adds to the academic discipline in which you specialize. Here are 20 dissertation topics to consider:

  1. Discuss the major economic factors that determine how modern suburbs are built on the outskirts of urban areas.
  2. How has town planning changed in the central part of the United States since the early 1900s?
  3. What planning methods are employed to control population growth in cities bordered by geographical features that make expansion difficult?
  4. In what ways are third world countries employing first and second world planning schemes to develop towns and stimulate economic growth?
  5. Which town planning measures have been abandoned as a result of communications technology developed in the last 50 years?
  6. Discuss the dangers of natural disasters as they pertain to cities developed centuries ago?
  7. Explain how a high-speed, global transportation network would benefit all countries involved in its development.
  8. Compare and contrast public transportation systems in two European cities of your choice.
  9. What are the biggest challenges facing town planning in the second half of the 21st century?
  10. Are public spaces such as parks in danger because of the need to develop towards increasing population, resident and commercial spaces?
  11. How important is the need for cities to connect with other urban areas through light rail or high-speed rail technology?
  12. Define and discuss the differences between public development funds and private development funds.
  13. What implications would car-free cities have on the local economy and environment?
  14. Analyze the population troubles faced by Asian nations and how European planning models can be adapted to aid Asian countries.
  15. Describe the biggest concern among residential developers when it comes to building in certain locations.
  16. Describe the positive and negative effects that increased spaces for walking and cycling would have on economic and health factors.
  17. How does public transit figure into the way new cities are being developed as expansions of the larger metropolitan areas?
  18. What have been the most effective town planning measures towards getting high-polluting or older vehicles off the road in major cities?
  19. Compare two cities from different regions within a country of your choice and explain the ways each has developed to suit its particular economic needs?
  20. How much does local finance (bank loans and local taxes) affect what is built publically versus privately?

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