Choosing The Best School Psychology Dissertation Topics

Coming towards the final year of your studies, you will have to come up with topics for your psychology 10,000 word dissertation. In some cases, schools might ask you to write up your proposal/topic in your second year. While 10,000 words may seem a daunting task for you, it requires concise writing and precision to keep yourself under the word limit. In addition to consulting your mentor to come up with a topic, here are some ideas to start you off with:

Self motivation

Are people born with lazy-genes have no way out of their conditions? You can focus on discussing the causes and impact of having a high level of self motivation. After which, you can develop your topic in more depth through a logical method that you have chosen for yourself.

What leads to crime

There are a number of reasons that lead a person to commit a crime, big or small. Evaluating what are the causes of crime can make huge contribution to the society in crime-prevention.

Goal setting

While the field of psychology has a wealth of literatures that discuss the importance and the ways to conduct goal-setting, you may benefit from identifying a gap in the literature and investigate the matter.

What are the causes of stress

Is stress a beneficial psychological condition for some to achieve certain goals? There are the categorisation of distress and eustress, one of the contribution that you can make to the field is perhaps what are the causes that translate one condition to another.

What are the solutions for one solve anger

Anger would often lead one to make irrational choices and do things that they would regret afterwards. Writing a dissertation on anger solutions can help alleviate this wide-spread phenomenon. Or you can take a different spin on this topic and discuss how anger can be used a productive force.

What are the factors that influence productivity?

Identifying the factors that would positively or negatively impact one’s productivity may help organisations to improve their performances. It is one of the dissertation topics that would bring an immediate impact on many and is likely to receive significant attention on.

What are the impacts of prolonged stress?

Even as stress is categorised as positive and negative stress. Would a prolonged condition cause one to behave differently as theories suggest?

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