Creating Good Dissertation Titles In Business Administration

Creating good titles is almost as tricky as creating actual dissertations. Whether you are a lecturer or a student it is no mean feat. They are the very first thing that a reader sees and just like the title of a novel, if it doesn’t quite literally jump off of the page and grab your reader by the throat then chances are you are going to lose them. The title also sets the tone for the whole dissertation. If it is too short, then it can lack gravitas. If it is too long then your reader might lose the will to live.

Business administration dissertations are often viewed as a vital stepping stone into a lucrative career, therefore the pressure is really on to come up with a title that is compelling, as well as inspirational.

Your title is your thirty second pitch for the job.

So, now that I have totally alarmed you, just how do you create good dissertation titles in business administration?

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