A List Of Biology Thesis Topics You Should Consider

As you begin your thesis writing in a science subject you will likely be stuck by the abundance of previous papers in fields that would otherwise been interesting to you. Biology is no exception. It has been a subject which many people have devoted their lives to and is the backbone of other fields such as medicine and botany. You can consider topics that border on other sciences if you feel this will help you create the best possible topic for your purposes. Whether you do or not, here are some thesis topics you can consider writing:

  1. 1. The effects of high fructose corn syrup consumption on the endocrine system of infants
  2. 2. How cigarette smoke affects the lungs of age-less species like the naked mole rat
  3. 3. The use of internal muscles for propulsion in both sea and land snakes
  4. 4. How bumble bees fly: A study of the physiological structures responsible for flight
  5. 5. The epigenetic markers activated in felines that live with permissive human caretakers
  6. 6. Examples of evolution that are observable within the average human lifespan
  7. 7. The structures responsible for creating eyesight in the Peruvian Fruit Bat
  8. 8. The life cycle of single celled creatures
  9. 9. Instances of super morbid obesity in non-human animals
  10. 10. Theoretical examination of the methods by which human animal hybrids could be created
  11. 11. The method of cultivating stem cells humanely
  12. 12. Examining the neurobiological reasons behind functioning placebo treatments
  13. 13. The effects of regular bathing with soap and water on the epidermis
  14. 14. How a single species can branch off into two which are no longer capable of interbreeding
  15. 15. Consanguinity: An analysis of how closely related breeding pairs can weaken the gene pool
  16. 16. The benefits of community living to the survival and breeding options of pack animals
  17. 17. Can the regular wearing of bras and similar garments be linked to pectoral muscle atrophy and aesthetic sagging of tissue in women?
  18. 18. The creation of bio-identical burgers from beef and insect protein
  19. 19. The epigenetic consequences of one generation’s mass starvation on the health of all subsequent generations
  20. 20. Human Parasites: A descriptive list of all the organisms that call our bodies home

A few of these topics would require some back breaking research in order to truly be completed successfully. Make sure to factor that in before you start writing.

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