The Collection Of Best Education-Related Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is intended to show a student's learning and achievements over the course of their education. Before graduation, many programs will require students to complete an extended dissertation. For education students, the following topics are designed to help foster new ideas and inspirations.

  1. 1. What are the benefits achieved by students who attend a preschool?

  2. 2. Does segregating the genders provide any benefit for students?

  3. 3. During elementary school, should students begin studying financial management techniques?

  4. 4. Career fields in healthcare and engineering are extremely in demand. Should students in these career fields receive a free education as a way to encourage more people to study these subjects?

  5. 5. Some nations start vocational or university track programs at the age of 16. Should vocational and technical coursework be an option for older high school students?

  6. 6. Should children start preschool at the age of four, three or two years old?

  7. 7. How much influence do teachers have over the character development of their students?

  8. 8. Is formal public school education at the same level as it was a generation ago?

  9. 9. Online classes are typically cheaper for universities to offer than a traditional classroom. Should universities switch to online classes as a way to lower costs?

  10. 10. How has the Montessori method improved preschool learning outcomes?

  11. 11. Should the school curricula be modified to suit the Internet age?

  12. 12. Is preschool an effective way to prepare students for the demands of elementary school?

  13. 13. Do modern teachers treat their career as a vocation or just another job?

  14. 14. Should the tenure program at universities be changed to ensure that professors continue to provide quality work?

  15. 15. Instead of focusing on playgrounds and art projects, should preschool have a stronger focus on language and math acquisition?

  16. 16. Should standardized tests have a decreased important in the school system?

  17. 17. Are students that attend preschool better able to handle social situations than students that remained at home?

  18. 18. Following desegregation, affirmative action programs forced students to bus to other schools. How did this impact the quality of their education?

  19. 19. With drug problems, school shootings and violence in the classroom, should teachers be paid more to compensate for these risks?

  20. 20. Do students who receive a Montessori education throughout their schooling reach more academic objectives by their graduation?

  21. 21. Should every high school student be required to take wealth management courses?

  22. 22. Should elementary school students be given a greater say in how their coursework is chosen and designed?

  23. 23. How do religious schools compare academically to private schooling?

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