The Top 10 Social Work Dissertation Ideas For Successful Writing

Graduate students often have trouble trying to come up with social work dissertation ideas. Fortunately, they can use sample topics and suggestions for successful writing. The top 10 ideas are listed below. You can study them carefully, conduct a literature research, and select the idea that you would like to study deeply.

  1. Social workers’ personal safety issues:
  2. Unfortunately, social workers increasingly suffer from aggressive acts. It seems that the taken measures are not sufficient to maintain the safety of the workers, and they feel unsafe.

  3. The safeguarding of vulnerable people:
  4. This topic is vast. You can focus your research on issues related to helping those who experience learning difficulties or can no longer look after themselves because of disease. Many topics include studying different groups of vulnerable young adults.

  5. The transition to social work from previous employment:
  6. Your dissertation may compare the experience of several social workers. You should talk to them, study their situations, make a questionnaire, and study the background theory and common practice. You will also make conclusions about why people decide to change their careers, what benefits they receive, and what challenges they face.

  7. Social work training and the role of a mentor:
  8. It is interesting to learn how people become professionals in social work and why the role of a mentor is so important. You will add value to your work if you describe and analyze first-hand experience.

  9. The role of the media in promotion of social work importance:
  10. Today, the media can help or intercept social workers from undertaking their duties. You may find many different cases and describe how the media influenced the decisions made by social workers, politicians, and lawyers.

  11. Lifelong learning and the role of volunteers:
  12. Obviously, people should learn throughout their professional careers. In case they do not have enough funds to pay for education, they can rely on volunteers who maintain various free educational resources.

  13. Training and education:
  14. How can you become a social worker? What skills do you need? Where can you get the necessary knowledge and skills? Try to find answers.

  15. Euthanasia and the role of a social worker:
  16. End of life decisions are hard to make, but social workers often have to deal with the consequences of such decisions. You can devote your research to the legal, ethical, and emotional issues that social workers may face.

  17. Volunteering:
  18. Many social workers agree that volunteering has changed their lives, so they decided to devote their careers to social work. Your dissertation may examine what volunteering is, in what countries it is more popular, and why people want to help others for free.

  19. Social work and migration:
  20. Migrants are vulnerable, as they are not familiar with new culture and traditions. You can investigate how social workers help immigrants adapt to their new lives.

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