Dissertation Topics In Physiotherapy: 25 Great Questions

Writing a dissertation for your graduate or postgraduate studies is one stage that students dread most. It is not that writing a dissertation is a hard thing, but coming up with a suitable topic is usually the hard nut to crack. However, if you are looking for some fresh topics for your physiotherapy dissertation, here are some of them.

Note that while some of these topics may have been handled by other students before, they all offer different ways in which you can approach them and give your dissertation a unique look.

  1. What is the relationship between electrical nerve stimulation and pain threshold?
  2. How to physiotherapists approach serious injuries in star athletes?
  3. How does special physiotherapy treatment help stroke victims recover?
  4. What has been the approach of rheumatoid arthritis over years?
  5. What is the contribution of physiotherapy in treating diabetes?
  6. What exercise programs can help reduce falls among the elderly?
  7. How can physiotherapy be used to help reduce child obesity?
  8. What are the neuromuscular effects of joint movements?
  9. How does physiotherapy help to reduce joint disorders?
  10. Can therapy help reduce acute pain?
  11. How can therapeutic interviews for patients with acute pain be used to help in their recovery?
  12. What are the differences between applying medication and physiotherapy in the treatment of female patients who suffer from bladder disorders?
  13. Can yoga help reduce the effects of arthritis among senior citizens?
  14. How does strength training help reduce the effects of cerebral palsy?
  15. How does too much exercising affect senior citizens with depression?
  16. What is the impact of applying therapy to children with developmental coordination disorders?
  17. What is the impact of diagnostic acceptance of passive accessory intervertebral movements?
  18. What are the effects of excess aerobic training on people with Down syndrome?
  19. How can deep breathing help heal stomach and abdominal injuries?
  20. How does the therapeutic environment affect the progress of a patient?
  21. How can we best use therapy to treat head and neck injuries?
  22. Does muscle building and flexibility techniques help people who had surgeries recover faster?
  23. How does electrical nerve stimulation help athletes heal faster when faced with injuries?
  24. Should both the upper and lower extremities be treated similarly when injuries happen in sports?
  25. How should health providers respond to patients of schizophrenia when they get injuries noting that such patients rarely report when injured?

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