4 Little-Known Ways To Find Dissertation Examples In Biology

When students are done with their long and hectic research work, the next big step is to pen it down in the form of a graduate paper. Writing this kind of paper is not a piece of cake; it is very technical and has its own structural organization, which should be followed strictly. Therefore, a lot of homework should be done prior to writing it.


Students should know the difference between a graduate paper and thesis such that the written form of a thesis is called a dissertation.

Going through examples of papers in biology can be very helpful in this regard. Here are four little-known ways of finding examples;

  1. University digital library
  2. There are a lot of universities, which have their own digital libraries. These libraries are basically composed of different types of databases, which include a variety of books, research papers and essays etc. Students can search their own university’s library and find out examples of papers in biology.

    Note. It should be kept in mind while searching for examples that either the paper is of MS/MPhil or Ph.D. Reading the description notes of the samples can do it.

  3. Other Universities ‘websites
  4. Students can also search for paper samples of a particular university other than their own by going through its official website and database. The students of other universities can only do it as well.

  5. Global Databases
  6. There are search works on the internet that can provide accesses to the databases of papers from around the world. Two of the reliable databases are listed below

    • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database includes a large number of papers from different universities located in different parts of the world. It offers a list of papers starting from 1743 up to now.
    • OCLC Worldcat is comprised of thesis work from the majority of universities in USA and Canada and also from several universities from another part of the world.
  7. Other Internet Resources
  8. Other than the above resources, there are websites, which provide accessibility to different biology papers such as

    • The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations consists of electronic papers from early 1900 up to present day.
    • The DART-Europe E-theses Portal is a database of research work done by a majority of the universities of Europe.

Besides all of the above resources, there are also other means of finding authentic work in biology.

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